The Oscars.

I got six out of nine right. Not bad.

The red carpet was kinda boring.

Lots of people on Twitter seemed to hate the opening number. I thought it was great, as did the teenagers watching with me.

Saw dresses that I didn't care for but none that I hated.

I'm really really glad Kate Winslet finally got her Oscar.

L is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Hugh Jackman is actually Australian.

Had a stressful half hour while one of L's friends drove home. It was snowing so hard here we could barely see out the windows but her dad told her to drive so she did. Wasn't much I could do about it besides tell her to turn around and come back if she needed to.

Ben Stiller made me laugh out loud. As did some of the comments on Twitter from people who clearly didn't know what that was about.

Watched the Barbara Walters special after and when L saw clips of Mickey Rourke from his earlier movies, she said, "wow".

Posted by Ripley on February 22, 2009 | Tags: oscars