Science fair.

Went to the science fair at J's school tonight. There were the usual experiments on which paper towel works best (Bounty) and which battery lasts longest (Duracell) as well as several testing if cookies taste better made with butter, margarine, or shortening (margarine). There were six volcanoes, three optical illusion tests, and one homemade hover board. There was even an experiment on where to find the cleanest snow in case you want to eat some. No really, that's what it said.

J and his friend did their project on whether or not we are influenced by labels (although he called them titles). They had a group of people (mostly us) rate bottled and tap water based on the name and then they did a blind taste test. I believe the result was yes, we are influenced.

I hated the science fair when I was in school. Now, I find it somewhat interesting and I'm always impressed by the amount of work that goes into the projects.

Posted by Ripley on February 03, 2009 | Tags: school, science