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01.02.09  Super Bowl XLIII - The game didn't go the way I wanted it to but it was a pretty exciting finish. I especially enjoyed reading some of the things people were tweeting while they watched. And I liked the halftime show. Bruce seemed to... (tags: super bowl)

02.02.09  Fixing things - After school today, the girls and T (aka The Boyfriend) were heading to the store and the library, only to discover that they couldn't get out of the house. Something was wrong with the doorknob and no matter what we... (tags: house, repairs)

03.02.09  Science fair - Went to the science fair at J's school tonight. There were the usual experiments on which paper towel works best (Bounty) and which battery lasts longest (Duracell) as well as several testing if cookies taste better made with butter, margarine,... (tags: school, science)

04.02.09  J takes a sick day - They called from the school today to tell me J wasn't feeling well and to ask if I would pick him up. Of course I said I would even though I wasn't dressed yet. Hey, it was only 9:16am. Tried... (tags: j)

05.02.09  The Colour of Lightning by Paulette Jiles - About The Colour of Lightning: In 1864, captives were taken after the Comanche and Kiowa raided a community in Texas and one man vowed to do whatever was necessary to get them back. Jiles did a good job of... (tags: book review)

06.02.09  Temporary escape - Ice and I went out for lunch today to one of my favourite restaurants. The food was good but we looked a bit out of place since we were almost the only ones there not dressed for snowmobiling. At one... (tags: lunch, shopping)

07.02.09  Saturday randomness - Newt called today. That was very cool. L and I watched my Dr. Horrible DVD tonight. Still funny, still sad, still makes us sing along. The special features were interesting, as were the E.L.E. video applications. Haven't watched the "musical... (tags: books, movies)

08.02.09  Notes on the Grammys - It was too long. The talking bits were pretty bad. The audience stood up so often it became meaningless. It kinda seemed like the Brit awards at times. Katy Perry wasn't that good live but her boobs looked great. There... (tags: grammys, music)

09.02.09  Audio diaries - I introduced L to the movie Almost Famous recently. It's one of my favourites and I wanted her to understand why I always laugh when I yell "Don't take drugs!" when she's going out with her friends. Ok, I haven't... (tags: movies, music)

10.02.09  Making noise - K's band is having a sound-a-thon at the end of the month. The plan is to make music for 24 hours straight, from noon Friday to noon Saturday. The kids will be playing in shifts and when it's not their... (tags: band, k, music, school)

11.02.09  Fog day - It was a good thing that J was paying attention this morning and made K check the websites because otherwise I would have sent the kids to school. And then they would have been very annoyed with me. To celebrate... (tags: fog day)

12.02.09  I got nothin' - I've been sitting here staring at the screen for far too long. Started half a dozen posts and set them all aside for another day. I have things to do, dammit, and my brain just won't work. I do want... (tags: blogging, tv)

13.02.09  In search of - I've been looking for a new free html editor. Or at least an editor that can be used for html. I've been using PSPad for quite some time but it's started randomly crashing on me (no idea why) and since... (tags: editors, html, software)

14.02.09  Valentine's day - L spent the day with her boyfriend and J went to his best friend's birthday party/sleepover so K got to pretend to be an only child for the day. On a whim, we went shopping. Spent a long time trying... (tags: shopping, valentine's day)

15.02.09  Sunday stuff - J spent a significant amount of time this evening reading my archives. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I didn't watch much of the race today. It was on but I wasn't paying attention. I did, however, hear... (tags: amazing race, daytona, j, oscars)

16.02.09  Family day - K was away for most of the day, Ice had a headache, I had an unintentionally long nap, and L was feeling pretty awful. So J didn't have much luck getting to do family things today. Ah well, there's always... (tags: holiday)

17.02.09  Liam wants to meet Ellen - Last night on the local news, they had a story about a young boy with leukemia who really wants to meet Ellen. In an attempt to make it happen, his mom has started a Facebook group. If you're among my... (tags: charity)

18.02.09  Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock - About Dooley Takes the Fall: Seventeen-year-old Ryan Dooley is suspected of murdering a kid from his troubled past. Reviewed by K. She liked it. Full review: Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock... (tags: book review)

19.02.09  Snow day #2 (2008-9) - I went out this afternoon to run some errands (library, grocery store, etc). I was walking and although it was really cold and snowy, it was bearable. Until I turned down our street to come home. The wind in my... (tags: snow day)

20.02.09  Snow day #3 (2008-9) - The snow stopped early in the afternoon so Ice was able to get home without too much trouble. Last night, I was reading in bed when I heard a couple of noises that seemed unusual. Not alarming, just odd. I... (tags: stevie)

21.02.09  My Oscars predictions - Keep in mind that I've only seen three (I think) of the movies in the major categories so these are my guesses for what I think will happen, not necessarily what I want to happen. Movie: The Curious Case of... (tags: oscars)

22.02.09  The Oscars - I got six out of nine right. Not bad. The red carpet was kinda boring. Lots of people on Twitter seemed to hate the opening number. I thought it was great, as did the teenagers watching with me. Saw dresses... (tags: oscars)

23.02.09  Y in the Shadows by Karen Rivers - About Y in the Shadows: Yale discovers that she has the ability to disappear. Reviewed by K. She liked it but recommends it for older teens. Full review: Y in the Shadows by Karen Rivers I haven't read this... (tags: book review)

24.02.09  Tuesdays are hard - I finally finished the fourth book for Canada Reads. Something tells me I'm not going to get the fifth one done by Saturday. L asked me what my favourite movie is of the ones I've watched so far in 2009.... (tags: books, movies)

25.02.09  25 random things - I posted this on Facebook but I'm posting it here too because I really really need an "about" page. Before I got married, I told my (then) boyfriend (now husband) that I was pretty sure I didn't want children. Somehow... (tags: about me)

26.02.09  The Way Lies North by Jean Rae Baxter - About The Way Lies North: During the American Revolution, Charlotte and her Loyalist family are forced to flee from their home. Another review from K. She recommends it to kids who are looking for a book about war that... (tags: book review)

27.02.09  Fear for my sanity - Tonight, I have to go to the high school to supervise K's band while they do their sound-a-thon. Seven hours, from midnight to 7am. I stuffed a big book, my Reader, and my iPod Touch in my bag. If the... (tags: band, k, school)

28.02.09  Sound-a-thon wrap-up - My shift at the sound-a-thon went well. The kids were well-behaved and, from 3am to about 6am, a lot of the ones who weren't playing were sleeping. Didn't get to use the wifi (didn't ask), didn't read much either. It... (tags: band, school)