I've had iTunes for a while but I only used it to buy things, not to play my music. My growing frustration with keeping my playlist up-to-date in Winamp (and Winamp's inability to exclude specific directories from the media library) has me looking for a replacement. So, iTunes. For now.

Some things I like:

- Genius: I still prefer my randomized playlists, the ones where Abba might be followed by Disturbed, but Genius is interesting. The Genius-created playlist I'm listening to right now was based on Mike Ness's I'm in Love With My Car and includes Son Volt, Wilco, and Josh Ritter, as well as Metallica, Faith No More, and Alice in Chains. That really works for me.

- I can rate songs.

- I can buy things!

- Anything I buy is added immediately.

- It knows the difference between a song and a podcast.

Some things I don't like:

- Playing a single song (without continuing to the next song) is not simple.

- Skinning is not simple and the mini player is too big and kinda ugly.

- It uses more memory than I would like.

I don't hate iTunes but I think I'll keep looking.

Posted by Ripley on January 15, 2009 | Tags: itunes, music, winamp