Christmas break.

The two weeks seemed longer than usual, maybe because Ice had 9.5 days off, maybe because Newt, MA, & K2 were here for the stretch between Christmas and New Year's, maybe because I did very little work. Whatever the reason, it was a pretty great holiday.

I have a mini bottle of vodka on my desk that by some miracle, or more likely oversight, hasn't been opened.

I also have a container of Baileys filled chocolates that doesn't belong to me. The best before date is June so maybe I'll hold it hostage.

I spent the last couple of days of the holiday fixing my music after screwing everything up with a rookie mistake in iTunes. Really annoying but I think it's sorted now.

Still lovin' my iPod Touch. Tomorrow, I might even put it to use as an actual music player! Maybe that will make taking down the Christmas decorations less tedious.

Posted by Ripley on January 04, 2009 | Tags: christmas

And then you said

oops. forgot them...but they are not my favourites anyway so you are welcome to them....but that doesn't means you can't "say" you are holding them ransom and then we arrive just in the nick of time to rescue and consume them you can laugh an evil laugh and say "my plan has worked like a charm"...or something like that.

I still have this urge to call you so your phone rings a xmas tune! miss you all already! thanks for having us. it was a great vacation!

Posted by Maryann on January 5, 2009 1:55 PM

I'm really glad you guys were able to come. And I like your plan for the chocolates. ;)

Posted by ripley on January 6, 2009 2:19 AM

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