Book log 2009.

Last updated: 6 January 2010

(C) Canadian author


Number of books read: 46
Number of books by Canadian authors: 43
Number of authors: 44
Number of authors read for the first time: 42
Number of books from my library: 30
Number of books from the public library: 16
Favourite books of the year: The Boys in the Trees by Mary Swan, Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland, Thought You Were Dead by Terry Griggs
Favourite new (to me) author(s): Not picking a favourite this year. There were too many authors whose work I really enjoyed.


  1. The Colour of Lightning – Paulette Jiles (my library) (C)
  2. Fruit – Brian Francis (public library, now my library) (Canada Reads 2009) (C)
  3. The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant – Michel Tremblay (public library) (Canada Reads 2009) (C)
  4. The Outlander – Gil Adamson (my library) (Canada Reads 2009) (C)
  5. The Book of Negroes – Lawrence Hill (my library) (Canada Reads 2009) (C)
  6. Darkness at the Stroke of NoonDennis Richard Murphy (my library) (C)
  7. Advice for Italian BoysAnne Giardini (my library) (C)
  8. No Time for GoodbyeLinwood Barclay (my library) (C)
  9. The Almost Archer Sisters – Lisa Gabriele (ebook) (C)
  10. Mistress of the SunSandra Gulland (my library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #7) (C)
  11. Megiddo's ShadowArthur Slade (my library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #8) (C)
  12. Amuse BoucheAnthony Bidulka (public library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #9) (C)
  13. One Hand ScreamingMark Leslie (my library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #10) (C)
  14. Angel Wing Splash Pattern – Richard Van Camp (public library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #11) (C)
  15. SnitchAllison van Diepen (public library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #12) (C)
  16. Step Closer – Tessa McWatt (my library) (C)
  17. The Boys in the Trees – Mary Swan (my library) (C)
  18. Wicked Woods: Ghost Stories from Old New BrunswickSteve Vernon (public library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #13) (C)
  19. The Best Laid Plans – Terry Fallis (my library) (C)
  20. In Tongues of the Dead – Brad Kelln (my library) (C)
  21. The Calling – Inger Ash Wolfe (my library) (C)
  22. Little Brother – Cory Doctorow (ebook) (C)
  23. The Way the Crow Flies – Ann-Marie MacDonald (my library) (book club) (C)
  24. Wenda the Wacky Wiggler – Christopher Aslan (my library) (C)
  25. A Hard Witching – Jacqueline Baker (my library) (C)
  26. Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter – R.J. Anderson (my library) (C)
  27. Thought You Were Dead – Terry Griggs (my library) (C)
  28. The End of the AlphabetCS Richardson (public library) (C)
  29. It Can Happen to You – Lynn Crymble (my library) (C)
  30. The Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson (my library) (C)
  31. Obit – Anne Emery (public library) (C)
  32. The Hunchback Assignments – Arthur Slade (public library) (C)
  33. The Divine Ryans – Wayne Johnston (public library) (book club) (C)
  34. The Day the Falls Stood StillCathy Marie Buchanan (my library) (C)
  35. Barrington Street BluesAnne Emery (public library) (C)
  36. Last Stop SunnysidePat Capponi (my library) (C)
  37. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert (public library) (book club)
  38. Johnny Kellock Died Today – Hadley Dyer (my library) (C)
  39. The Uninvited – Tim Wynne-Jones (my library) (C)
  40. The Garneau BlockTodd Babiak (my library) (C)
  41. The Hour I First Believed – Wally Lamb (public library) (book club)
  42. A Perfect Night to Go to China – David Gilmour (my library) (C)
  43. Old City HallRobert Rotenberg (public library) (C)
  44. Good to a Fault – Marina Endicott (public library) (Canada Reads 2010) (C)
  45. Nikolski – Nicolas Dickner (public library) (Canada Reads 2010) (C)
  46. Dirty Blonde – Lisa Scottoline (public library) (book club)

On hold:

  • In and Down – Brett Alexander Savory (my library) (C) - This book was disturbing me and I had to set it aside. Since it's supposed to be disturbing, that's probably a point in its favour.

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