2008 in review.

In January, Ice found a kitten in the middle of the street and brought her home. We took the kids shopping in the city so they could use their gift cards and it was like Christmas all over again. The kids had two snow days.

In February, the kids had another snow day. Not much else happened, apparently.

In March, J turned 11 and the kids had one more snow day, bringing the total for the school year to seven.

In April, J competed at a music festival where he tied for second and an old friend dropped by unexpectedly.

In May, K turned 14 and was confirmed at her church. We attended a murder mystery dinner that the kids starred in and L's boyfriend met her grandparents for the first time. L and I went to an opening at an art gallery and J had a piano recital.

In June, K graduated from grade 8. Before that, she went to JUMP and appeared in a play with her brother. We went to the spring fair at the beginning of the month and saw fireworks on the beach at the end of the month. I finished the first Canadian Book Challenge.

In July, L worked with a group of children for a week to create a play. I started the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. We went to the annual golf party for Ice's work and stayed at a cottage for a week on the Bruce Peninsula.

In August, I saw two plays at the Blyth Festival (Innocence Lost and Against the Grain) and went to two author readings (Emma Donoghue and Tish Cohen). The girls joined the young company at a local theatre (K for the first time, L for the second). Ice took the kids camping for his birthday weekend, they spent some time with my parents, and I took them to a local beach for the first time since we moved here. How sad is that.

In September, I saw the girls' young company play three times and was outed as the biggest thief in the room. We went to the local scarecrow festival and also to a celebration of First Nations where we heard readings by Joseph Boyden and Drew Hayden Taylor. I managed to make myself somewhat memorable by being Boyden's first homerun book signing and he wrote that in one of my books. And even though I only have one child in public school now, I had to attend two open houses at two schools in two towns.

In October, we went to my brother's house for Thanksgiving. Later the same day, we went to yet another author reading (Joan Barfoot). (And at this point, I'd just like to say that if you enjoy books at all, I highly recommend author readings. Really, they're great.) In the middle of the month, we visited several historic sites for Doors Open. I posted pictures of a couple of the places on Flickr. Also, Newt, MA, and K2 came for Halloween and we learned the dangers of texting while playing Youker, the Euchre Drinking Game.

In November, we had Christmas with my family at the beginning of the month and with Ice's family at the end of the month. Both here. Because of that, our Christmas tree went up ridiculously early. Ice and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary by going out to dinner with Andrew Pyper and Giles Blunt. K had two concerts with her high school band, one of which included a massed band performance with four other schools in the area. K and I went to Toronto to see We Will Rock You and had a really good time. I took the kids to see the Santa Claus parade in a neighbouring town.

In December, we saw the Santa Claus parade in this town and went to Ice's Christmas party for work. The weather was horrible that night but we managed to sneak in a visit with my favourite bar owner (at her house, not the bar). L turned 17 and applied to university. I'm trying not to think about that. The kids had their first snow day of the school year on the last day before Christmas break. For Christmas, we stayed home, just the family, and I got an iPod Touch which makes me even happier than I thought it would. On Boxing Day, we did our usual movie marathon and the next day, Newt, MA, and K2 came for a visit, staying until New Year's Eve. That also made me very happy. On New Year's Eve, L deserted us for her friends again and the rest of us stayed home and played games.

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