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01.01.09  2008 in review - In January, Ice found a kitten in the middle of the street and brought her home. We took the kids shopping in the city so they could use their gift cards and it was like Christmas all over again. The... (tags: year in review)

02.01.09  Movie log 2009 - A running log of the movies I watched in 2009. (tags: movie log)

03.01.09  Book log 2009 - A running log of the books I've read in 2009. (tags: book log)

04.01.09  Christmas break - The two weeks seemed longer than usual, maybe because Ice had 9.5 days off, maybe because Newt, MA, & K2 were here for the stretch between Christmas and New Year's, maybe because I did very little work. Whatever the reason,... (tags: christmas)

05.01.09  Undecorating, Canada Reads, and hockey - I took down the Christmas decorations today. The lights on the tree were a pain in the ass this year and some ornaments seemed to be mysteriously missing. But whatever, it's done. I finally got around to checking the library's... (tags: canada reads, christmas, hockey)

06.01.09  Things to look forward to - (tags: photo)

07.01.09  I've said it before - K claims that for an entry to count for a particular day, it must be posted before midnight. She says it's cheating otherwise. So I'm going to restate something I said on here over five years ago. The day does... (tags: blogging)

08.01.09  An unwanted visitor - We have a mouse. Stevie is going slightly insane trying to catch it, L thinks it's amusing to watch the cat, J is indifferent, and K is totally freaked out. Me, I'm just grateful that it decided to show up... (tags: kids, mouse, stevie)

09.01.09  Success - After hours of stalking and after scaring the crap out of me several times with loud crashing noises, Stevie was successful in her quest. When I went to bed, she was sitting in the kitchen, staring intently into one of... (tags: mouse, stevie)

10.01.09  I wonder what they'd call it - Tonight, after supper, L went into the living room to watch a DVD, K went on the computer, J played on his DS, Ice read a book, and I was listening to music and playing games on my iPod Touch.... (tags: family)

11.01.09  Trees - (tags: photo)

12.01.09  Evidence - When Newt and Maryann were here over the Christmas break, we played our usual games of Youker, the Euchre Drinking Game. Late in the evening, Ice turned on the digital voice recorder that I received for Christmas and let it... (tags: ice, maryann, newt, youker)

13.01.09  End of the year quiz - It's still January so I guess it's not too late. Besides I got nuthin' else. Taken from Violet. 1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before? Went to several author readings and got a bunch of... (tags: meme)

14.01.09  Reduced to randomness - The girls helped with grade 8 night at their high school tonight, K with the band and L leading a tour. I reminded L to smile but forgot to ask if she did. K doesn't need reminding since I think... (tags: kids, music)

15.01.09  iTunes - I've had iTunes for a while but I only used it to buy things, not to play my music. My growing frustration with keeping my playlist up-to-date in Winamp (and Winamp's inability to exclude specific directories from the media library)... (tags: itunes, music, winamp)

16.01.09  Frustrating - Even though J said I could have the day off from posting, it's become a personal challenge for me. I'm trying to build a second blog (and am considering a third, because, you know, posting all the time is soooooo... (tags: web design)

17.01.09  Lullabies - This afternoon, L & I were talking about music when she mentioned that she really liked Superman's Song by the Crash Test Dummies. She said that she has it on a playlist that she uses when she's having trouble sleeping... (tags: l, music)

18.01.09  Plans - The other night Ice and I were watching Flashpoint and during the show, one of the cops asked a man to draw a floor plan of his house with all of the doors marked on it. I said I thought... (tags: house)

19.01.09  Clearly the winner - When the girls came home from school today with L's boyfriend in tow, they were having a "discussion" about whose town was better, his or ours. Apparently, it had been going on for the entire walk because they were down... (tags: kids)

20.01.09  Bargain shopping - Today, I went out to get my driver's licence renewed. I thought this would be a good day since the sun was shining for a change and it looked reasonably nice. That sun was deceiving though; it was still damn... (tags: shopping)

21.01.09  Flowers - After editing nearly 200 recipes, I'm pretty much brain dead. So, a picture. And while I think the picture itself counts as a post, my kids disagree. They want words. I hope this makes them happy. This was taken... (tags: photo)

22.01.09  Consider it done - Ice wants his description revised from "cute and lifts heavy things" to "cute, lifts heavy things, stomps bugs, and eliminates mice". To which I would add, "rescues wife in the middle of the night and never complains".... (tags: ice)

23.01.09  Shopping - For the last couple of years, my parents have given gift cards to all of us for Christmas so at some point after the holidays, we make a trip to the city. Since both girls already had the day off... (tags: chapters, shopping)

24.01.09  Must be old age - Ice wanted to take me out for dinner tonight but I completely forgot. So we stayed home and had pizza with the kids. It's probably just as well because I was feeling a bit off all day. At dinner, L... (tags: life)

25.01.09  My birthday - On Friday when we were shopping, I told Ice I wanted to go to the Sony store. When we got there, he stuck right by my side, which I thought was kinda odd because we were in the SONY store,... (tags: birthday)

26.01.09  In the mail - An unexpected package arrived today and inside were two books and the Dr. Horrible DVD! Pretty great surprise if you ask me.... (tags: birthday)

27.01.09  End of exams party - K wrote her last exam for the semester yesterday and L wrote hers today so, tonight, they're having a party to celebrate. Actually the party started around noon and will probably last until about noon tomorrow. Currently they're camped out... (tags: kids, party)

28.01.09  The day after - The teenagers didn't emerge until 11:30am and even so, they all looked tired. I wonder what kind of shape they would have been in if they'd actually had alcohol at this party. Last night, the cops paid a visit to... (tags: neighbours, party)

29.01.09  Five sentences - The kids tell me that the sign I mentioned yesterday, the one on the crazy neighbour's house, also includes the word "death", which would explain the visit from the OPP. L did my "end of the year quiz" and she... (tags: life)

30.01.09  Book reviews - A couple of these were written in December but not posted here so I'm doing it now. No Such Creature by Giles Blunt About No Such Creature: A pair of thieves — one old, one young — spend the summer... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

31.01.09  The deal - At the end of last year, J said he thought I should post to my blog every day in 2009. K was also fully in favour of this. So during the first week of January we talked about it again... (tags: blogging)