Snow day #1 (2008-9).

The kids have been waiting impatiently for a snow day but they really really didn't want today to be the one. Probably because there was very little schoolwork planned for the day.

The storm was impressive but only lasted long enough to screw up my plans.

Christmas shopping is almost done. Just a couple more things to pick up and a bunch of wrapping to do. We've been alarmingly organized this year. Well, except for leaving a bag of paid-for presents at the store last week.

There is something wrong with my internet connection. At random times, hostnames aren't resolved, sometimes multiple times a day. If I disconnect the power from the cable modem for a few minutes then reconnect, the problem goes away. I'm pretty sure it's not my laptop since it happens with all of the computers but I'm not sure if it's the cable modem itself or if it's a problem on my ISP's side. Whatever the reason, it's damn annoying.

I asked K & J if they thought I should try to post to my blog every day in 2009 and the answer was an enthusiastic yes. Can't see it happening but I'll try to not neglect it as much.

Posted by Ripley on December 19, 2008 | Tags: christmas, snow day, tech woes