Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen (and a bit about author readings).

About Inside Out Girl: An overprotective mother meets a widowed father and his unusual daughter.

A heartwarming story that made me laugh often. Keep the tissues handy though, just in case. Full review: Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen

2nd Canadian Book Challenge status: 4 books read, 4 books reviewed, 9 reviews to go.

I met Tish last weekend at a reading (after I had read the book and had written, but not posted, my review). During the Q&A, she talked about her inspiration for writing the book (a young girl named Gillian, to whom the book is dedicated) and a bit about the movie plans for Town House. She had some interesting news on that front but swore us all to secrecy. And I should probably apologize for distracting her while she was signing my book.

Earlier in August, I went to a reading by Emma Donoghue (again, after I had read the book and mostly written my review). It was clear from her enthusiasm that she loves what she does and she shared some interesting information about life in the late 1800s. I especially enjoyed her comments on the prevalence of drugs in history. Also, when she was signing my book, she told me she really liked my hair.

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