The first 3 reviews.

These are the first three reviews for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge for which I'm reading thirteen books by authors on my MySpace friends list.

The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper

About The Killing Circle: Patrick's son has been kidnapped and he's pretty sure he knows who is responsible.

Lots of energy and suspense with all of the elements that make thrillers so much fun to read. More depth than a typical thriller, too. Full review: The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper

The Line Painter by Claire Cameron

About The Line Painter: A woman's car breaks down in the middle of the night in northern Ontario and she is offered a ride by a man who is painting lines on the road.

Not what I expected but I liked it and thought it was an impressive debut. Full review: The Line Painter by Claire Cameron

Indigenous Beasts by Nathan Sellyn

About Indigenous Beasts: Collection of fourteen short stories.

Dark, often violent, sometimes disturbing. Full review: Indigenous Beasts by Nathan Sellyn.

2nd Canadian Book Challenge status: 3 books read, 3 books reviewed, 10 reviews to go.

Posted by Ripley on July 31, 2008 | Tags: book review, canadian book challenge