Bradley Harbour.

The cottage we rented turned out to be really nice. Not huge but big enough for the five of us. We spent most of our time outside anyway, on the large wrap-around deck.


I didn't warn the kids in advance about the wildlife so they were a little freaked out after reading this warning on the bulletin board inside the cottage.

Bear warning

We went swimming almost every day, Ice took the kids canoeing a few times, we played games at night, and had a couple of campfires and made s'mores. The weather was mostly beautiful.


We went to bed early and got up early every day. That seems backwards to me.

We went to Lion's Head a few times (for groceries mostly) and it was smaller than I remembered. We went to Tobermory a few times and it was busy and also smaller than I remembered.

I read three and a half books.

We went to the Visitor Centre for Bruce Peninsula National Park because I really wanted to climb the tower. The "see through" stairs were a bit of challenge for me (stupid vertigo) but the view was definitely worth it.

The tower

We went on a glass bottom boat tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park and saw a couple of shipwrecks, some lighthouses, and a bunch of islands covered in trees and rocks. They (the islands) looked just like the ones we saw on the boat tour we took last year, just not as many.

Shipwreck - Sweepstakes (schooner)

We brought Abby along with us and she was really well behaved. She spent most of the first night wandering around the cottage, checking on everyone constantly, but after that, she slept nicely beside our bed. We had to keep her tied up or leashed the entire time, which she isn't used to, but she didn't complain.

We all agreed that it was a great vacation.

More photos. (To see the photos that include my children, email me.)

Posted by Ripley on July 16, 2008 | Tags: vacation

And then you said

hey now don't forget flower pot island, that one was cool :)
i think you got the best pictures of everything there (sunset, shipwreck, cottage etc.)i especially liked the sunset one. tres magnifique.
and to be honest at first it was the snakes that scared me, and i think K and J too, more than the bears.

good trip :)

Posted by L on July 30, 2008 12:20 AM

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