The middle of June.

We found a cottage to rent up on the Bruce between Lion's Head and Tobermory. It's not big so hopefully it won't rain much that week. I'm not sure what we'll do for entertainment besides going to the beach. I spent a lot of time up there at various cottages when I was kid but there were always other families (and therefore, other kids) with us. Personally, I would be fine with doing nothing but reading and staring at the water for the week but I'm not so sure that would make the kids happy. Ah well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Ice is actually taking the entire week off. The kids aren't sure what to make of that.

Friends of ours had a baby this morning. The new grandmother was very excited when she called me.

The best thing about the local fair (held earlier this month)? Fresh-cut fries.

Went grad dress shopping for K. My mom came along to keep me sane. Ice also came along for the same reason. As a result, things went reasonably well. Dress, shoes, jewelry bought.

There is an outdoor shower at the cottage. I had to reassure L that there was also an indoor shower.

My younger two were in a play put on by their drama club at their school earlier in the month. Entertaining but there seemed to be a higher than normal number of fussy little kids with inconsiderate parents in the audience.

K went to JUMP last week. She was very tired when she came home but she had a good time.

I have a lot to do between now and when we leave for vacation.

Next week is K's graduation and the last day of school. Can't wait.

Posted by Ripley on June 17, 2008 | Tags: kids, vacation