So I need some balance here. I've been trying to catch up on the backlog of book reviews and I'm probably boring the hell out of anyone who knows me personally and still bothers to read this blog. Or not. I really don't know.

May has been a busy month.

All three kids participated in a murder mystery dinner at their church (or dinner drama, if you prefer) at the beginning of the month. As it turned out, K was the murderer and J, as a cop, led her off to jail. Obviously, I'm doing a fine job of parenting.

L and I went to an opening at an art gallery. We felt very sophisticated.

K turned 14. The same weekend, she was confirmed at her church. Because that Sunday was also Mother's Day, and I obviously wasn't going to relax with a houseful of in-laws milling about, the kids and Ice gave me Saturday off in exchange. Which meant I didn't have to do any of the cleaning! I liked that part very much. The visiting-with-the-relatives part wasn't so bad either.

The following weekend we went to a chicken barbecue. Well, we went and picked up the food and brought it home to eat because it was bloody freezing that day.

This coming weekend is J's piano recital. I'm not overly thrilled that it's on a Saturday morning but the kids were really disappointed when they realized that meant we wouldn't be able to go to the community-wide yard sale in our former town.

And one note from last month: J tied for second at the Kiwanis festival. The adjudicator had some really flattering things to say about his playing and his mark was higher than last year. When we got in the car after, I said to J, "I bet that girl practices EVERY day." And he replied, "That's what you said last year, Mom." Just tryin' to make a point.

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