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13.05.08  Sointula by Bill Gaston - About Sointula: A woman sets out in a stolen kayak to find her estranged son with an incompetent travel writer as her companion. I don't know that I would want to spend time with any of the characters but... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

14.05.08  After River by Donna Milner - About After River: Hiring an American draft dodger to help out on the farm has long-lasting effects for a close-knit British Columbia family. Fans of Crow Lake, especially those who liked the feel of the story, will most likely... (tags: book review)

24.05.08  A Killing Spring by Gail Bowen - About A Killing Spring: The head of the School of Journalism at Joanne Kilbourn's university is found dead in a scandalous position. Meanwhile, one of Joanne's students is missing and her friend Jill is not acting like herself. The... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

26.05.08  The Curse of the Shaman by Michael Kusugak - About The Curse of the Shaman: Instead of agreeing to an arranged marriage for his daughter, a short-tempered shaman cursed young Wolverine, much to the delight of the shaman's grumpy animal spirit. This was a fascinating book that I... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

26.05.08  May - So I need some balance here. I've been trying to catch up on the backlog of book reviews and I'm probably boring the hell out of anyone who knows me personally and still bothers to read this blog. Or not.... (tags: kids, my life)

28.05.08  Spider's Song by Anita Daher - About Spider's Song: AJ, stuck in Yellowknife with her grandmother, meets a man from her mother's past. An intense story with a prickly yet sensitive main character and the added feature of a lesson for parents. I enjoyed it.... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)