So he'll stop searching for his name.

Someone in my house has been complaining about my lack of posts about certain events. So here goes....


J turned 11 this year (or is it 9? I always forget). He had a couple of friends here for a sleepover and they made lots of noise and stayed up too late and messed up the living room. Oh, and he got some cool presents too.


J is in a spelling bee this weekend, competing against other kids from area schools. K did this a couple of years ago so she's been quizzing him on words like "colonel" and "whimsical" and "xenon". A typical conversation in our house these days might go like this:

K: Do you want cream cheese on your bagel, Mom?
R: No, I think I'll have cheddar.
J: Cheddar! C-H-E-D-D-E-R!
R: A-R
J: Darn!


On Saturday night, J and his father will be performing in a talent show at their church. I think it's supposed to be for all members of the congregation but, from what I hear, it's sounding more like "The Ice's Family Talent Show". J will be performing Für Elise on the piano. Ice will be singing with his siblings.

Ok, I think that's it. Happy now, kiddo?

Posted by Ripley on April 01, 2008