Blyth Festival 2008.

Against the Grain* by Carolyn Hay
June 18 - August 16

"After a lifetime of hard work, Henry Jamieson has built himself an empire of Manitoba grain. But who will take the reins of the family business if his son David doesn’t wake up and seize the opportunity?"

Harvest by Ken Cameron
June 25 - August 16

Retired farmers rent their house to "a nice young man" who disappears, leaving behind a less-than-legal crop. Based on a true story.

Courting Johanna* by Marcia Johnson
July 23 - September 6

Based on the story, "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage", by Alice Munro.

Innocence Lost* by Beverley Cooper
July 30 - September 6

"In Clinton, Ontario, on June 12, 1959, [fourteen-year-old] Steven Truscott was arrested for the murder of Lynne Harper, a twelve-year-old child." This is on my Absolutely Must See list, for obvious reasons.

And we can't forget the Young Company, September 9-13 in the Garage Studio. Also on my Absolutely Must See list.

* world premiere

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