Notes from the Oscars.

Some of this was posted at Twitter during the show.

Jon was good. A little too political at the beginning but I guess, in an election year, I should have expected that.

The set was ok but kinda spacey.

Shouldn't the winner for costume design be able to dress herself in something flattering? Also, Diablo Cody looked like Wilma Flintstone made a dress out of Fred's leftovers. Other than that, the clothes were mostly nice.

As Ice said, John Travolta had Lego hair.

I'm tired of Nicholson. Really, he's not that funny anymore.

I was thrilled that Falling Slowly won for best song. Probably my favourite moment of the night. Once is a good film with great music.

It is much more fun to watch the Oscars with someone. L watched the whole thing with me and I really enjoyed that.

Posted by Ripley on February 24, 2008 | Tags: oscars