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01.02.08  Snow day #6 (2007-8) - The kids had a scheduled day off yesterday so they only went to school for two days this week. Or in L's case, two half days since she was writing exams.... (tags: snow day)

04.02.08  Crow Lake by Mary Lawson - Beautifully written with a tragic story, believable characters, and a good sense of place. Full review: Crow Lake by Mary Lawson Also, K's second review: Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat... (tags: book review)

06.02.08  King Leary by Paul Quarrington (and other stuff) - Given how much I disliked the book at the beginning, I was surprised by how much I cared at the end and how affected I was. Full review: King Leary by Paul Quarrington This book was my choice for... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge, kids, weather)

24.02.08  Notes from the Oscars - Some of this was posted at Twitter during the show. Jon was good. A little too political at the beginning but I guess, in an election year, I should have expected that. The set was ok but kinda spacey. Shouldn't... (tags: oscars)

25.02.08  Canada Reads 2008: My rankings - This is how I think Canada Reads should finish up (winner first). It probably won't but hey, I was right last year. Maybe they'll surprise me again. 1. Not Wanted on the Voyage – Timothy Findley I can't believe I... (tags: canada reads)

28.02.08  Saving Jasey by Diane Tullson - Another review by K! As usual, one of the panelists on Canada Reads is really annoying me. And I miss Bill. I'm 2 for 2 on the eliminations although I think Icefields will be booted next. Also, I added... (tags: book review, canada reads)