Snow day #5 (2007-8).

This was to be the busiest day of the month for us. The little box on the calendar was full of things we had to do but they were all cancelled. Every single one. K was disappointed since we were supposed to attend the grade 8 information night at the high school. It was postponed to tomorrow night but we have dentist appointments and can't go.

When I went to bed just before 2am, it was 5°C. When I got up at 8:30am, it was -12°C.

They said on the radio this morning that some areas had "less than nil visibility". I still haven't figured that one out.


One of the things I received for my birthday last week was the DVD of the Meat Loaf concert we attended last March. In my review of the concert, I said, "At times, his voice was lacking". Listening to the DVD, where his voice was highlighted, made it obvious that was a severe understatement.


Last summer/fall I made an afghan as a wedding present for friends of ours. Earlier this month, the folks at Ravelry asked to feature my photo of it on the project page** for the pattern. I was practically giddy I was so thrilled.

**that link only works if you have an account there

Pineapple Afghan


And finally, we named the kitten Stevie.

Posted by Ripley on January 30, 2008 | Tags: crochet, snow day, stevie

And then you said

Well done! Welcome to the wonderful world of Ravelry.

And Stevie is a pretty great name.

Posted by Maryann on January 31, 2008 7:40 AM

The afghan is stunning. And the Ravelry req is really cool.

Do you mind if I call her Vasquez?

Posted by Newt on January 31, 2008 3:15 PM

Thanks to both of you. :)

Vasquez is a cool name but I'd really like a sane cat this time around.

Posted by ripley on February 2, 2008 3:17 AM

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