Snow day #4 (2007-8).

L is getting worried about the weather. Exams start this week and she does NOT want them to be delayed.

Took the kitten to the vet yesterday. Nearly $200 later, I learned that she weighs less than two pounds, that her respiratory infection could be chronic (since she got it at such a young age), and that chlamydia is not species-specific. I have to put a supplement in her food for three months because, as the vet said, "she's going to need all the help she can get". I also have to put ointment on her eyes and give her medicine that makes her gag for three weeks. She's starting to hate me already. But we're keeping her and the kids are thrilled.

Also, when I saw the headline about Heath Ledger, I actually said "oh my god" out loud and scared my daughters. I can barely watch the news reports because it makes me so sad.

Posted by Ripley on January 22, 2008 | Tags: snow day, stevie