Book log 2008.

Last updated: 1 January 2009

(C) Canadian author


Number of books read: 43
Number of books by Canadian authors: 39
Number of authors: 36
Number of authors read for the first time: 30
Favourite books of the year: Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley and Bow Grip by Ivan E. Coyote
Favourite new (to me) author(s): Ivan E. Coyote, Andrew Pyper, Emma Donoghue, Anne Emery


  1. IcefieldsThomas Wharton (Canada Reads 2008, Canadian Book Challenge - Alberta) (public library) (C)
  2. Forty Words for Sorrow – Giles Blunt (my library) (C)
  3. Not Wanted on the Voyage – Timothy Findley (Canada Reads 2008) (public library) (C)
  4. Brown Girl in the Ring – Nalo Hopkinson (Canada Reads 2008) (public library) (C)
  5. Race Against Time – Stephen Lewis (my library) (C)
  6. Lottery – Patricia Wood (audiobook, public library)
  7. South of an Unnamed CreekAnne Cameron (Canadian Book Challenge - Yukon) (my library) (C)
  8. SointulaBill Gaston (Canadian Book Challenge - British Columbia) (my library) (C)
  9. Sign of the CrossAnne Emery (Canadian Book Challenge - Nova Scotia) (public library) (C)
  10. Spider's SongAnita Daher (Canadian Book Challenge - Northwest Territories) (public library) (C)
  11. Blood of the Donnellys – David McRae (public library) (C)
  12. After RiverDonna Milner (my library) (C)
  13. The Sealed LetterEmma Donoghue (my library) (C)
  14. The Curse of the ShamanMichael Kusugak (Canadian Book Challenge - Nunavut) (public library) (C)
  15. Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery: Volume I: 1889-1910 – edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston (Canadian Book Challenge - P.E.I.) (my library) (C)
  16. The Devil is Loose! – Antonine Maillet (Canadian Book Challenge - New Brunswick) (my library) (C)
  17. Blackfly Season – Giles Blunt (my library) (C)
  18. De Niro's Game – Rawi Hage (my library) (C)
  19. The Killing CircleAndrew Pyper (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #1) (my library) (C)
  20. Rage Therapy – Daniel Kalla (my library) (C)
  21. Indigenous BeastsNathan Sellyn (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #2) (my library) (C)
  22. The Line PainterClaire Cameron (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #3) (public library) (C)
  23. Invisible Prey – John Sandford (public library)
  24. Phantom Prey – John Sandford (public library)
  25. Helpless – Barbara Gowdy (public library) (C)
  26. The Boy Must DieJon Redfern (public library) (C)
  27. Inside Out GirlTish Cohen (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #4) (my library) (C)
  28. Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen (my library) (C)
  29. Believe Me – Patricia Pearson (public library) (C)
  30. Dark of the Moon – John Sandford (public library)
  31. Unless – Carol Shields (public library) (C)
  32. Bow Grip – Ivan E. Coyote (public library) (C)
  33. The Flying Troutmans – Miriam Toews (public library) (C)
  34. The Ravine – Paul Quarrington (public library) (C)
  35. Exit Lines – Joan Barfoot (my library) (C)
  36. Scarlet RoseJulia Madeleine (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #5) (my library) (C)
  37. The Great Karoo – Fred Stenson (my library) (C)
  38. Lost Girls – Andrew Pyper (my library) (C)
  39. No Such CreatureGiles Blunt (my library) (C)
  40. The Slow FixIvan E. Coyote (my library) (2nd Canadian Book Challenge - #6) (C)
  41. Yellowknife – Steve Zipp (my library) (C)
  42. The Night Wanderer – Drew Hayden Taylor (my library) (C)
  43. Close to Spider Man – Ivan E. Coyote (my library) (C)

On hold:

  • Look For Me – Edeet Ravel (my library, lost my bookmark, too lazy at the moment to figure out where I left off) (C)

Abandoned (for now):

  • From the Fifteenth District – Mavis Gallant (Canada Reads 2008) (public library) (C) – I read about two-thirds but it was boring me so I gave up

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