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02.01.08  Movie log 2008 - A list of the movies I watched in 2008. (tags: movie log)

02.01.08  Book log 2008 - Last updated: 1 January 2009 (C) Canadian author Summary: Number of books read: 43 Number of books by Canadian authors: 39 Number of authors: 36 Number of authors read for the first time: 30 Favourite books of the year: Not... (tags: book log)

02.01.08  2007 in review - In January, the kids had their first snow day of the school year. I don't know what else happened other than I turned yet another year older. In February, we went to an engagement party and the kids had three... (tags: year in review)

19.01.08  Found on the street - When Ice walked in the door after work today, he said, "Could you get me an old towel or something?" And I thought, uh oh. He said she was crouched in the middle of the street and the cars in... (tags: abby, stevie)

22.01.08  Snow day #4 (2007-8) - L is getting worried about the weather. Exams start this week and she does NOT want them to be delayed. Took the kitten to the vet yesterday. Nearly $200 later, I learned that she weighs less than two pounds, that... (tags: snow day, stevie)

30.01.08  Snow day #5 (2007-8) - This was to be the busiest day of the month for us. The little box on the calendar was full of things we had to do but they were all cancelled. Every single one. K was disappointed since we were... (tags: crochet, snow day, stevie)