Snow day #1 (2007-8).

Not a lot of accumulation during the day, mostly because it was so windy the snow didn't have a chance to settle. We got dumped on tonight though. Also, it took Ice 5.5 hours to get to work.

I went into L's room this morning to tell her there was no school. I would let her sleep in but the one time I did that, she complained. She said when she woke up and realized the time, she panicked because she thought she was late. So now I wake her up as qently as possible.

me: L?
L: mmmpphh
me: It's a snow day.
L: Really!?!?!

If only I got such an enthusiastic response on non-snow days.

We went to Ice's Christmas party on Saturday night. Things were a bit strange with some people going out of their way to talk to us who don't usually. Dinner was really good though. We left early-ish because I was worried about the weather and were home by about 10pm.

Posted by Ripley on December 03, 2007 | Tags: christmas, kids, snow day