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03.12.07  Snow day #1 (2007-8) - Not a lot of accumulation during the day, mostly because it was so windy the snow didn't have a chance to settle. We got dumped on tonight though. Also, it took Ice 5.5 hours to get to work. I went... (tags: christmas, kids, snow day)

04.12.07  Snow day #2 (2007-8) - And they say this is just a preview of winter. The kids spent a significant amount of time shovelling the two foot drifts out of the driveway this afternoon. Almost all of that snow came last night. At one point,... (tags: snow day)

13.12.07  Jacqui - Tiny hands, big punches: Aggressive Canadian boxing champion Jacqui Park uses all-out attacks She may be just about the last person you'd peg to be a championship boxer. She's quite tiny. Her hands are so fine they're almost skeletal. She's... (tags: family)

15.12.07  The Big Why by Michael Winter - I didn't like Kent, I didn't like the random punctuation, and I wouldn't say I liked the book exactly but I did admire it. Winter is a talented writer and this book made me curious enough that I will... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

17.12.07  Snow day #3 (2007-8) - At least two of my children were somewhat disappointed. Me, I was surprised since, the night before, the weather chick said there was "zero chance" of a snow day. Christmas shopping isn't done but we're getting there.... (tags: snow day)

24.12.07  Merry Christmas! - Stay warm and healthy, and enjoy good food, good booze, good presents, and good friends and/or family (not necessarily in that order). Merry Christmas! Image from Twas the Night Before Christmas, written by Clement Clarke Moore, illustrated by Jessie... (tags: christmas)