"In Lullabies, I wanted to capture what I remembered of the drunken babbling of unfortunate twelve-year-olds: their illusions; their ludicrously bad choices, their lack of morality and utter disbelief in cause and effect. I wanted to describe the bittersweet relationships between children who hate themselves, but are madly in love with and make heroes of one another. I thought it would be interesting to show how a thirteen-year old who hasn't eaten in two days and is high on magic mushrooms could be treated as though he were a pivotal figure in the history of mankind, a Truman Capote.

"I wanted to capture the fun of that and also that sickening feeling you get when you're little and you climb up on to something and fall. The fall is always longer for kids."

Heather O'Neill on her book, Lullabies for Little Criminals.

I'm sure Divisadero is a great book but I really really wanted O'Neill to win the 2007 Governor General's award.

Posted by Ripley on November 27, 2007 | Tags: books