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14.11.07  20 - We were both 24 when we got married. I actually thought at the time that we were kinda old (I know!) but now I realize that we were so very young. We have, in many ways, grown up together. No... (tags: )

20.11.07  Lesson learned - Never ever EVER put a bunch of redirects in an .htaccess file, do a quick check and then walk away for over 3 hours, ESPECIALLY if you have multi-hosted domains. You might come back and discover that one of those... (tags: )

21.11.07  Brain Age - J is creating a magazine as a project for his gifted class. He chose to make a games magazine and he recruited the members of his immediate family to write reviews, including me. The following is the review I gave... (tags: )

24.11.07  Atonement by Gaétan Soucy - Atonement is an odd and oddly fascinating book about the perils of memory and the benefits of forgetfulness. It won't be to everyone's taste because, as I said, it's odd. I liked the book but I think it will... (tags: book review, canadian book challenge)

25.11.07  Jethro Tull - At the JLC in the RBC Theatre, courtesy of Ice's boss. I'm not what I would call a fan of Jethro Tull. I know the songs everyone knows but that's about it. Ice, on the other hand, is a fan... (tags: concerts)

27.11.07  Lullabies - "In Lullabies, I wanted to capture what I remembered of the drunken babbling of unfortunate twelve-year-olds: their illusions; their ludicrously bad choices, their lack of morality and utter disbelief in cause and effect. I wanted to describe the bittersweet... (tags: books)

28.11.07  Canada Reads 2008 - The Canada Reads list was announced today and the competition will be held from February 25th to 29th. I was volunteering at the school when the announcement was made so I didn't hear any of the discussion, unfortunately. These are... (tags: books, canada reads)