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01.08.07  Mostly unrelated stuff - Hmmm... maybe he watched the same newscast I did? Weird. I'm just glad it's over. * * * A month or more ago Ice and I had a discussion about saving energy. I asked if shutting the computers down at... (tags: ash, fonts, in the news, redesign)

19.08.07  Frustrated - The redesign of this blog has been really frustrating. Mostly because I am redesigning for a purpose (not just to turn comments on, not just because I was bored with the look) so I have a clear idea of what... (tags: movable type, opera, redesign)

26.08.07  It gave me goosebumps again - I've known for some time that the Internet Archive has live concerts available but I never bothered to check them out. I'm not crazy about live recordings and I figured they would mostly have shows by relatively unknown bands. I... (tags: acc, concerts, david gray, music)

29.08.07  Steven Truscott - When I was in grade 11, I took a Canadian law class and I wrote my major essay on the Truscott case. I received a crappy mark (76%, crappy for me at the time) and the teacher's note said: -a... (tags: in the news)