In no particular order.

At the end of last month, J competed at the Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts in Stratford. His section was split into two groups. J, who has been taking piano lessons for only five months, placed first in his group. The girl who won the other group placed first overall. He was happy but I think he was even happier that both sets of grandparents came to hear him play. And that his father took the day off work to be there.

Ice was home every night last week but one. It was great to have him here but it led to some major day confusion for me. Every day felt like Thursday.

Friday night we attended a murder mystery dinner put on by the church youth group. L was part of the cast and K was a maid/waitress. My parents came, as well as Ice's parents, and it was a lot of fun.

I lent my copy of The Horseman's Graves to my Mom. She really liked it, too.

Over 11,000 entries. That number boggles my mind.

Two more weeks and then I'm done with my volunteer gig at the school for this year. I think I'll actually miss it.

I have a tumblelog.

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