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02.03.07  Snow day #5 (2006-7) - K was extremely disappointed since her class had a field trip scheduled. The power went out multiple times yesterday before going out and staying out just as Ice was getting home around 7:30-8pm. It came back on briefly a few... (tags: )

05.03.07  Snow day #6 (2006-7) - Worst storm of the winter. At times I couldn't see the fire hall (which is two doors away) and I often couldn't see as far as the corner. All of the roads in this county and the next county over... (tags: )

06.03.07  Snow day #7 (2006-7) - The weather was fine but, since they pulled the plows yesterday, most of the roads were still clogged with snow and/or abandoned cars. Also, five-day weekends are too long for my kids.... (tags: )

19.03.07  Meat Loaf - Last night at the JLC. Courtesy of Ice's boss again. Opening act was Marion Raven. She was good with some nice songs. It seemed kinda strange to have an acoustic set for the opener though. Before Meat Loaf took the... (tags: concerts)

25.03.07  Photo from Meat Loaf concert - I took this with my phone's camera. It's not the best but you can see the giant dancing blowup dolls. On the very far right of the stage, you can see lead guitarist Paul Crook. His doll is just to... (tags: concerts)