Snow day #2 (2006-7).

Terrible weather all weekend and again today but here, in town, it seemed fine every time I looked out the window. I feel like I'm living in a bubble.

I've been crocheting a lot lately. I joined an online group that makes items for the nearest NICU so adapting patterns to make small blankets and even smaller sweaters has been keeping me busy. I've learned a lot though.

We finished watching seasons 1 & 2 of Battlestar Galactica that I gave Ice for Christmas. Interesting show. I started off thinking Roslin was terrific but when she named herself the sole saviour of all mankind and became a cult leader, rather than a real leader, she lost me. And then she made some decisions that really pissed me off. I think Adama is the only character I still have any respect for. I'm curious about season 3 but, since we've already missed half of it, we'll have to wait for the DVD(s).

For my birthday, J gave me the first season of 24. I'd been curious about the show for a long time but since I had missed the beginning, I didn't want to jump in part way through. It didn't seem like the kind of show where you could easily do that. Anyway, I'm glad I waited. It's great and (so far) lives up to all the hype.

Posted by Ripley on February 05, 2007

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