Book log 2007.

Last updated: 2 January 2008

(C) Canadian author


Number of books read: 33
Number of books by Canadian authors: 24
Number of authors: 29
Number of authors read for the first time: 23
Favourite book of the year: The Horseman's Graves by Jacqueline Baker
Favourite new (to me) author(s): Giles Blunt and Mary Lawson


Due to a screwup by my web host, these books are no longer in the correct order. I'm not even sure I have them all listed.

  1. Natasha and Other StoriesDavid Bezmozgis (Canada Reads 2007 selection) (public library) (C)
  2. Stanley Park – Timothy Taylor (Canada Reads 2007 selection) (public library) (C)
  3. The Song of Kahunsha – Anosh Irani (Canada Reads 2007 selection) (my library) (C)
  4. Confessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella (my library)
  5. Lullabies for Little Criminals – Heather O'Neill (Canada Reads 2007 selection) (public library) (C)
  6. The Horseman's GravesJacqueline Baker (my library, advance reading copy) (C)
  7. Final Cut – Eric Wright (my library) (C)
  8. The Right Stuff – Ian Hay (my library) (now available at Project Gutenberg)
  9. Tell Me No Secrets – Joy Fielding (my library) (C)
  10. Black and Blue – Anna Quindlen (my library)
  11. The Great Victorian Collection – Brian Moore (my library) (C)
  12. The Quiet Game – Greg Iles (my library)
  13. The Blooding of Jack Absolute – C.C. Humphreys (my library) (C)
  14. Beautiful JoeMarshall Saunders (ebook) (C)
  15. Plainsong – Kent Haruf (my library)
  16. By the Time You Read This – Giles Blunt (public library, now my library) (C)
  17. GalvestonPaul Quarrington (public library) (C)
  18. Lisey's Story – Stephen King (public library)
  19. Barometer Rising – Hugh MacLennan (my library) (C)
  20. The Anniversary – Amy Gutman (my library)
  21. Tipperary – Frank Delaney (my library, advance reading copy)
  22. Conceit – Mary Novik (my library, advance reading copy) (C)
  23. The Delicate Storm – Giles Blunt (public library) (C)
  24. Crow LakeMary Lawson (public library) (C)
  25. The Other Side of the BridgeMary Lawson (public library) (C)
  26. The Nest Egg – S.L. Sparling (my library) (C)
  27. The Big WhyMichael Winter (my library, Canadian Book Challenge - Newfoundland) (C)
  28. A Killing SpringGail Bowen (my library, Canadian Book Challenge - Saskatchewan) (C)
  29. Verdict in Blood – Gail Bowen (my library) (C)
  30. AtonementGaétan Soucy (my library, Canadian Book Challenge - Quebec) (C)
  31. A Bird in the HouseMargaret Laurence (my library, Canadian Book Challenge - Manitoba) (C)
  32. The Outcast – Sadie Jones (my library, advance reading copy)
  33. King LearyPaul Quarrington (Canada Reads 2008, Canadian Book Challenge - Ontario) (public library) (C)

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