2006 in review.

In January, the kids had one snow day, I got another year older, and I have no idea what else happened.

In February, J won the storytelling competition for the primary grades at his school, then went on to compete against children from other schools in the area, where he finished third. The kids had their last two snow days, bringing the total for the school year to five.

In March, Ice went back to school for a week and a half (into April) and spent a lot of time studying. The Oscars were interesting and the Genies were not.

In April, my sister-in-law and her family stayed here for part of Easter weekend and Ice got his Master Electrician license.

In May, L walked 17 miles to raise money for her school, we went to the GHA yard sales but didn't find much to buy, not even books, a neighbour pissed me off, my son was classed as gifted, and we finally unloaded the albatross.

In June, we went to a wedding and to Ice's niece's confirmation. I also went on a driving tour of town with Y and her mom.

In July, we went to the golf party, I got a laptop (yay!), and my Grandma took a turn for the worse. It was also unbearably hot. Oh, and I started another website.

In August, my Grandma died. We got a new van. We went to a BBQ/party at Ice's co-worker's house. I bought a ton of books at the library sale. Ice and the kids went camping and the dog gave me a hard time.

In September, we went to Y&G's for dinner. Newt, MA & K2 dropped by for an afternoon visit.

In October, we got the first snow of the year. I went with J's class on a field trip to a local theatre to see an interactive version of Peter Pan. I started volunteering at the school in the primary language intervention program. Newt, MA, & K2 came for Hallowe'en.

In November, we had Christmas with my family, the weekend after Hallowe'en, then they left for Florida. I took the kids out for dinner for our anniversary since Ice wasn't home. My great-aunt died. J started piano lessons.

In December, the Santa Claus parade was rained out. I got my first flu shot. We had a great Christmas even though we spent it at home alone for the first time ever. Newt, MA & K2 came to visit and stayed through New Year's Eve. We played games, watched multiple episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and laughed a ton.

I'm sure I'm missing many things that happened this year. Maybe that will teach me to write things down? ::sigh::

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