Library sales are evil.

This week, our local library branch is having its annual sale. Yesterday, since J was going there anyway in the afternoon for the last day of the summer reading club, I went with him. I figured it wouldn't be terribly busy since it was a workday, that I'd only find a few books I wanted, and that it would be no problem to carry them the two blocks home.

Wrong on all counts.

I stopped looking after I'd chosen 24 books (mostly hardcover) because I knew that was already more than I could easily handle. It was a good thing J was with me to carry a few.

Last night, I talked to Ice on the phone and told him that they had some sci-fi and fantasy books. I said I didn't know which ones he would want and he said, "Get 'em all!"

So I went back today. Even though I thought there were only about half a dozen sci-fi/fantasy on the tables, I was smart and took the van. Good thing too because once I started looking, I found all kinds of them. The librarian said they'd had a "generous donation" the night before, mostly science fiction.

So, two trips to the van later, I came home with another 41 books, 30 of them for Ice. And I might go back again near the end of the week.

With the few hundred (free) books that Ice acquired for me earlier in the year, I'm being overrun. The thought of cataloguing them all makes me tired. The thought of reading them all (or most) makes me happy. The fact that my Canadiana collection is growing by leaps and bounds makes me very happy.

Posted by Ripley on August 22, 2006

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