From bad to worse.

This morning J woke me up and said he thought something was wrong with the freezer side of the fridge because there was water drippng out the bottom of the door.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear first thing in the morning.

I came downstairs and there was water all over the floor. I looked in the freezer and there was condensation on everything and a lot of stuff was partially thawed. I could hear the fridge running though.

My first thought was that the door had been left open a tiny bit when my husband gathered up his stuff before leaving for work (at that point, over 5 hours earlier).

I'm not the most coherent person in the morning and I couldn't figure out a way to test if the freezer was actually working. If I had to call someone to fix it, I didn't want to wait several hours. So I called my husband and he said to put a small amount of water in a glass, stick it in the freezer, and check it in an hour or so. I did that and when I checked it, the water was icing over. It eventually froze solid so everything appears to be ok. Crisis averted.

We bought a new (to us) van on Saturday so after lunch I had some phone calls to make. One of them was to my uncle who is also our insurance agent. When I called his office, the woman who answered the phone said he wasn't in but that she would take the necessary information for me. At one point during the conversation, I identified myself as her boss's niece and asked if he was just off today or if he was away. She said,

"He's away for a couple of days."
"Yes, apparently his mother's not very well."
"He just popped in this morning for a couple of minutes and said he had to go. I think it's serious."

I'm thinking, wtf?? I talked to Mom on Friday and she said that Grandma fell and they thought she'd broken her hip but Grandma claimed she hadn't. They'd done x-rays and she hadn't. She was sore and they'd given her pain meds and the plan was to take her to the hospital today for more extensive x-rays. Mom was concerned but not excessively.

After I got off the phone with the insurance lady, I called my parents' house but no one was home. A few minutes later the phone rang and it was my Dad.

He said that Grandma had gone downhill rapidly; that they were giving her morphine every 3 to 4 hours; that she wanted her children to be there; that sometimes she knew who they were and sometimes she didn't; that she had thanked the nurses for taking such good care of her over the years (which is a sign, apparently); and that she sometimes thought my Grandpa was there (who died 13 years ago. also a sign).

Dad asked if I wanted to come and see her but that I should be aware that she looked terrible and that she probably wouldn't know me, if she was even awake. I said that I didn't have any way to get there (we don't get the new van until this Saturday) and he said he would come and get me. I said yes.

I spent the afternoon there, keeping my Mom company as she sat by Grandma's bedside.

It's only a matter of time now.

Posted by Ripley on July 31, 2006

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