Book log 2006.

Number of books read: 30
Number of books by Canadian authors: 27
Number of authors: 29**
Number of authors read for the first time: 27**

** Dropped Threads is an anthology. For simplicity's sake, I counted it as being by one author.

(C) Canadian author

  1. BearMarian Engel (public library) (C)
  2. A Good HouseBonnie Burnard (public library, now in my library) (C)
  3. Clara Callan – Richard B. Wright (public library) (C)
  4. Broken Prey – John Sandford (public library)
  5. DeafeningFrances Itani (Canada Reads 2006 selection) (public library, now in my library) (C)
  6. LuckJoan Barfoot (public library) (C)
  7. How to Be a CanadianWill Ferguson & Ian Ferguson (public library) (C)
  8. Dropped Threads: What we aren't told – Various authors, edited by Carol Shields & Marjorie Anderson (public library) (C)
  9. Three Day RoadJoseph Boyden (Canada Reads 2006 selection) (public library) (C)
  10. Rooms for Rent in the Outer Planets, Selected Poems, 1962-1996 – Al Purdy (Canada Reads 2006 selection) (public library) (C)
  11. Invisible ArmiesJon Evans (my library, advance reading copy) (C)
  12. The Lost GardenHelen Humphreys (public library) (C)
  13. Mercy Among the Children – David Adams Richards (public library) (C)
  14. The Joining of Dingo RadishRob Harasymchuk (public library) (C)
  15. The Cure for Death by Lightning – Gail Anderson-Dargatz (my library) (C)
  16. Mad River Road – Joy Fielding (my library) (C)
  17. Kilter: 55 Fictions – John Gould (public library) (C)
  18. The Heart is an Involuntary Muscle (Le coeur est un muscle involontaire) – Monique Proulx (public library) (C)
  19. Up in Ontario – James Sherrett (public library) (C)
  20. Lingerie Tea – Sylvia Mulholland (my library) (C)
  21. The Devil's Cure – Kenneth Oppel (my library) (C)
  22. The Birth House – Ami McKay (public library) (C)
  23. A Chill Rain in January – L.R. Wright (my library) (C)
  24. Alligator – Lisa Moore (my library) (C)
  25. Bourgeois Blues – Lisa Herman (my library) (C)
  26. Murder at the Mendel – Gail Bowen (my library) (C)
  27. Dead Watch – John Sandford (breaking my all-Canadian year yet again for Sandford) (public library)
  28. One Small Boat: The Story of a Little Girl, Lost Then Found – Kathy Harrison (public library)
  29. Children of My Heart – Gabrielle Roy (Canada Reads 2007 selection) (public library) (C)
  30. The Internet Bride – Gregory Ward (my library) (C)

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