An unexpected vet visit.

K took the dog out this afternoon and played with her for a bit in the backyard. When they came back in, K came into my office and said that Abby was acting really weird, that she was biting at her legs, and kinda freaking her out. I went to look at her and she wasn't biting at her legs, she was pawing at her mouth. And when she wasn't pawing, she was opening her mouth as wide as possible, shaking her head, drooling like crazy. When I spoke to her, she would stop and stare at me with her mouth not quite closed and showing her teeth.

It was kinda freaking me out, too.

She came to me and let me look at her mouth. The girls thought they'd seen a loose tooth, one of her canines (fangs), but I thought that was unlikely since she has her adult teeth now. Everything looked ok on the outside so, after some consultation, I took a flashlight and pried her mouth open.

She had a piece of a branch wedged against the roof of her mouth from side to side. And it was really stuck in there, too.

I called the vet's office and they said to bring her right in. When we got there, the vet opened her mouth, reached in with a pair of pliers, and yanked it out. The pup was so thrilled, she practically did a happy dance.

Ice and I were wondering if that would teach her to not chew every single stick she finds in the backyard but somehow I doubt it will.

Posted by Ripley on March 15, 2006

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