Thoughts on the Grey Cup.

The first half of the game was a little boring, from my perspective anyway as the only person in the house cheering for Montreal.

The second half was much more exciting and even included some humour.

That was the first time I'd seen the football equivalent of a shootout. Highly entertaining.

Ezra Landry. Wow, can that guy run. And wow, is he short.

The Black Eyed Peas?? With all the musical talent in this country, they chose the Black Eyed Peas for the halftime show? And they weren't even all that good. The first song sounded terrible, the second song was just dumb. Not impressed by their performance or by the decision to have them play.

Everybody in this country knows that Tim Hortons has several million commercials in stock. So why did we have to suffer through the same one over and over and over again? And why that one? It was amusing the first couple of times I saw it. Now it's just annoying.

Every time the Subway "parmesan chicken" ad came on, Ice and I said, "No!! Take the burger!!" Since, ya know, we tried one on Thursday night.

And Subway? Where was the "best buns in the CFL" ad? We like that one.

Scotiabank gets a thumbs up. I don't watch football normally and maybe those who do, have seen those ads multiple times but they were all new to me. I liked them.

And one final piece of advice to Eric Tillman: Do something with that hair. Anything, please. It scares me.

The cable guy came on Saturday and replaced the receiver. And Ice was here so I didn't have to deal with him.

Posted by Ripley on November 27, 2005

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