Snow day #2 (2005-6).

The last time the kids had their first snow day in November, they went on to have eleven more. Now that their first two have come in November, I'm thinking it doesn't bode well for an easy winter.

At some point yesterday, we lost access to the lower channels on our digital cable box. The basic channels like TVO, CTV, and the American networks. When they still weren't working today, we called to see what the problem was. The lady said that it had happened to other people and that she would have it fixed within 15 minutes. Then she called back to say that our box wasn't responding and that from what she could see, it hasn't been responding since April (and they didn't notice?!?). She said she would send someone out and that he would be here by 5pm.

He didn't show up. Didn't call either. If he doesn't come tomorrow, that means no HNiC, no Grey Cup on Sunday. Nobody in this house is happy about that.

And with my luck, whenever he shows up, it'll be Grumpy Cable Guy, the one who was so rude to me last time. I was really hoping to have it fixed while Ice is home so I wouldn't have to deal with him.

Posted by Ripley on November 25, 2005

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