Busy, yeah.

Ice was working in "the next backwater town over" (to quote a NY Times writer) for a couple of weeks and it was very strange to have him home at 4:45pm. Nice, just weird. He also had a week off mid-September. We were really busy though so it wasn't much of a vacation.

Ice and the kids have a new computer. Fast, lots of RAM and space. I was envious at first but that didn't last long. As nice as it is, I still prefer my Ash. For future reference, the new computer's name is Rommie.

Bishop has been retired for now. If I can dig up another power supply for him, I'd like to pop in a bigger hard drive and turn him into a music server for the house.

Our hockey pool is online with a new name and an additional competitor. I don't expect to win this year but at least I was finally able to pick only players on Canadian teams (although not necessarily Canadian players). We've also added goalies to the mix.

And speaking of hockey, I'm having a little bit of trouble with the Leafs this year. Losing Roberts was bad enough, but "gaining" Lindros is a real problem for me. The other night in the season opener, when he scored what looked like the winning goal (it wasn't), I said to Ice that he was probably thinking as he looked at the fans, "I scored!! You have to like me now!!" and Ice said, "But you still don't like him." I said, "If he scored the winning goal in overtime of game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, I'd tolerate him. But not before."

School is still going well for the kids and the pup is getting bigger. We went to a party and a family reunion in September. Both were (mostly) fun.

And finally, my Canadians have a new home. Lots of plans in the works there.

Posted by Ripley on October 09, 2005

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