Wandering the halls.

Today was grade 9 orientation at the high school. Parents weren't required to attend but, since Ice missed the information meeting back in January, he really wanted to go.

On the way into the school, L asked me how I was going to handle picking up all three of them, at two different schools, if it was raining. I said I'd heard that high school students were a lot tougher than elementary school students and that they were capable of walking home in the rain. She didn't think that was funny.

The principal did his spiel but didn't remember to introduce himself until the end. The vice-principal did her spiel and said that she hoped that most of her interactions with the students would be about good things rather than problems. I said to Ice that I'll probably be talking to her a lot once J gets to grade 9.

Then the kids were split up into smaller groups, given their schedules and gym uniforms, and taken for another tour of the school, followed by a barbecue.

While everyone was still in the gym, the head of student services said that parents were welcome to join the groups or to tour the school on their own. Ice and I opted for the latter and I got a rundown on all of the things that have changed since Ice was a student there. I had to remind him a couple of times that it's been over 20 years.

We left before the barbecue and L came home about an hour later. We looked over her schedule and I pointed out that it's a very good thing that she has gym as her last class of the day. She pointed out that her schedule is reversed every other day (? week? I can't remember) so that half the time she'll have gym first. Since semesters are completely foreign to me, I guess I'll be learning a thing or two this year as well.

Posted by Ripley on September 01, 2005

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