The end of the shortest summer ever.

L's first day of high school went well. She didn't get lost (not completely, anyway) and there are kids she knows from last year in every one of her classes.

J didn't get the teacher I was hoping for but he seems to like the one he did get. Then again, he's liked every teacher he's ever had.

K has a brand new fresh-outta-school teacher who also plays on the local hockey team.

me to K as she's telling her dad about him: “...and before he was a teacher he was an....”
K: “...ohhh I know this...”
me: “An international....”
L: “Spy!!”
me: “No. Tax consultant.”
L: “Darn. That woulda been so cool!”


Two new pictures of Abby.

Posted by Ripley on September 06, 2005