We got her yesterday. 8 weeks old, 12.8 lbs, part German Shepherd, a little bit of Rottweiler, probably some Lab, probably some ohnonotagain Border Collie, and who the hell knows what else. She's a true mutt, as the lady at the shelter said.

She was fairly timid inside the house yesterday, baffled by the floors, the carpets, her reflection in the dishwasher. She was much braver today and has decided that my office is her personal playroom. When Ice got home from work, I brought her toys out to the kitchen (where we were) but one by one, she carried them back to my office and chewed on them there.

She loves being outside in the backyard. Yesterday, she explored. Today, she was running circles around the kids. She has already discovered the dog next door and did her best to introduce herself.

Posted by Ripley on August 31, 2005

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