When the kids are away.

Last weekend, the kids went camping with Ice's parents and some other families from their church.

We dropped them off on Friday night, did some necessary (boring) shopping, then went out for dinner in a nearby town. After, we went for a drive along the beach.

On Saturday, we went to Ice's summer/golfing party. Dinner was ok, I got to catch up with someone I haven't talked to in years, and Ice won a door prize.

On Sunday, Ice went to the campground, had lunch with his family, and brought the kids home.

On Thursday, we all had appointments with the dentist. Since we were going to be in the area, we kinda sorta invited ourselves for dinner at my parents' place. My mom said the kids were welcome to stay for the weekend, if they wanted. There wasn't any "if" about it so they packed up their stuff and we left them there.

Sidenote: L says all of her friends complain about their grandparents and think they're weird. She says she can't understand that because she thinks her grandparents are great.

Tonight, after Ice came home from work, we decided to go to a nearby tourist mecca for dinner. We used to go regularly when his parents owned a business there, but since we've been married, we haven't taken the time.

We went to one of the casual places, since I hate dressing up, and dinner was great. Lots of very good food and half the price of the place we went to last weekend. I was very surprised when the bill came.

After dinner, we got ice cream and wandered along the main street of the village, peering in windows and admiring the interesting things for sale. Then we went for a long, slow drive, up and down random streets, checking out all of the rich people's cottages. At least two are now on my "should be mine" list.

It was a very relaxing evening and almost like dating again.

Posted by Ripley on July 22, 2005

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