School's out!.

We went to see (early) Canada Day fireworks tonight, on the beach this time instead of at a ball diamond. The show was good with some fireworks I had never seen before (long, sparkly tendrils that hung in the air and, in the case of the last one, even touched the water) and it was nice to sit there with sand between my toes and the sound of waves hitting the beach. I'm pretty sure that's where we'll go next year.

L's grade 8 graduation was Monday night. She took the afternoon off school (as did most of her class) and I helped her get ready for the occasion. She looked so beautiful and so grown-up, I nearly cried.

We went out for dinner at a local restaurant first, with the other parents and kids. The food was good but the lines for the buffet were long and, as a result, the meal was rushed. I think, when K graduates, we'll go somewhere else with just her grandparents.

The ceremony was mostly interesting. L's teacher (a wonderful teacher) had prepared a presentation featuring each student (pet peeves, nicknames, memories, baby pictures, grad pictures) and it was really well received. The valedictorian's speech was touching and caused (so I hear) a few tears to fall. L received the French award (highest overall grade), as well as recognition for being part of the Gauss team (9 of the 33 kids in her class were selected to participate).

After the ceremony, there was dessert and then the parents and other family members had to leave so the grads could dance. I picked her up around 11pm and, after gathering up all of my contributions to the decorations, brought her home. She was really tired but really happy.

Later that night, around 12:30am, the power went off and stayed off until 7am.

On Wednesday night, there was another grad dance, this one for all of the kids in the county. L brought two of her friends here to get ready and then I drove them to the school to catch the bus. They were supposed to be there by 5:30pm but getting three teenage girls out of the house on time proved to be a bit of a challenge. I was pacing in the driveway, thinking these girls make me look speedy! Eventually I got them there and then picked them up when they returned about 11:40pm-ish. All three were giddy and very tired but said they had a good time.

And so that's that. Graduation is over, school is done for the summer, and I can breathe now.

Posted by Ripley on June 30, 2005

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