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Aunt Ruby.

My aunt died on Tuesday, the wife of my dad's only (and much older) brother. At the funeral today, my uncle was pretty upset. I knew he would be; I just didn't expect it to be so visible.

Aunt Ruby lived with diabetes most of her life (all of mine). My brother and I used to stay at their house for weekends now and then when we were kids and sometimes I would see her giving herself an injection. Being not too fond of needles, I was horrified and impressed that she could do that. She went into insulin shock one time at my parents' house and I remember the incident vividly. Partly because it was scary but mostly because I was determined to remember what to do if it should ever happen again.

Diabetes didn't rule her life though. She loved gardening and she taught me what tomato worms look like and how a tiny ivy could be trained to grow all around a kitchen. She loved crossword puzzles and used to let me help. When my brother and I went for visits, she would buy us Lucky Charms cereal and pick out the hearts, stars, moons, etc. and put them in a bowl for us to eat as candy. She loved her family and her friends.

She'd taken to calling me now and then over the last few years, for no reason other than to say hi and see how everyone was doing. Aunt Ruby was one of the sweetest and nicest women I've ever known and I will miss her.

Posted by Ripley on June 17, 2005

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