Three moons at midnight.

Last night, midnight-ish, I was watching a movie by myself when I heard a weird noise outside. A few minutes later, I heard the noise again and this time, the motion-sensitive garage light came on. I went out to the vestibule to look but didn't see anything or anyone in the driveway.

Suddenly, two boys (around L's age, maybe a year older) came jogging out of the lane that is between our house and the pizza place, wearing nothing but goofy hats and shoes. They ran across the street, over to the far end of the grocery store parking lot, and hid for a minute or two behind the dumpsters there. When they got the all-clear from their buddies, they jogged back, covering up their floppy bits with their hands, and quickly threw on their clothes in the shadows of the pizza place. A few minutes later, they did it again, although they didn't go as far.

I was kinda disappointed that L was already in bed. If she'd been up, I would have opened the door and cheered or applauded or at least have let them know they were seen. Really, what's the point in streaking if nobody sees you?

It was very entertaining, regardless.

In other news

Mom & Dad came by today to take J shopping for his belated birthday presents. Before they left for the stores, Dad asked me if I would fix a couple of things on his laptop for him while they were gone. I tried to convince him that it would take me six months or more to do so but he didn't buy it. They did take the kids and me out for dinner though when they got back.

Last weekend, on Sunday, we had Mom & Dad and my brother & his family here for dinner. My parents had just returned from three months in Florida and the kids were very eager to see them. And now that my brother has finally visited, all members of the family on both sides have seen the house.

Also last weekend, on Saturday, L & I went shopping for a shirt that she could wear for her grad photos (white, with a collar). Since we were there anyway, I took a tour downtown to find the parking lot(s) for this Monday's encounter with the justice system. I missed a tiny detail in Ice's answer to "what do I do when I get to that stupid corner?" but it turned out to be a good thing. Found one of the parking lots easily and getting back out of there (and home) will be a breeze. My stress level about the whole thing has gone down considerably.

L & I then headed out to the mall. I parked the van and as I was walking past the front of it, I smelled something very hot. I looked closer and realized there was smoke coming from the left front wheel well.

I didn't panic. I knew it was the brake because the same thing happened on the other side when we went to see Joe Cocker almost two years ago. I called Ice to let him know that I wouldn't be running any of the other errands I'd planned, bought the shirt, and went home. Called a garage on Monday (I hate trying to find a new mechanic), the guy said bring it in Tuesday morning at 9am, I said 9am, yeah right, how about I drop it off this afternoon. They fixed it and, since I already had the part they needed, it didn't cost much. I drove to the restaurant tonight (I wanted my Dad to be with me in case anything went wrong since Ice isn't home) and it seems to be working fine.

And to make a really long update marginally shorter...

I introduced the girls to Gone With the Wind as a counterpoint to Monty Python. They've been going around saying "Fiddle dee dee" ever since.

K was chosen by her teacher to participate in a spelling bee with all of the elementary schools in town a couple of weekends ago. She didn't win but I was impressed that she knew how to spell "photosynthesis".

L's job shadow day went well. She worked at a local pharmacy, filling prescriptions (supervised and double-checked, of course) and helping customers. Her boss was really nice, unlike at least one other student's experience.

Ice's way-out-of-town job is nearing an end. He's going to be working much closer next and will be home every night. I'm very happy about that.

Posted by Ripley on April 16, 2005

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