Even I said "ow".

L & I had to attend a meeting at the school tonight about the grade 8 graduation ceremony/dance. Since Ice isn't home, I took the younger two along.

It was a really nice night so we walked over. Perhaps not the smartest decision since I was exhausted, both mentally and physically, from jury duty.

When we got to the school, I told K & J that they could hang out in the playground until the meeting was over. They ran around behind the school and L & I went inside.

About half an hour into the meeting, I heard voices in the hall. I thought, oh great, they couldn't even last an hour, they're coming to see what's going on. J came into view and I thought, is that a bandage on his face? he didn't have that when we got here.... did he? Like I said, I was exhausted.

I was just getting up to see what was going on when an older girl stuck her head in the door and asked for me by name. I went out into the hall and took a closer look at J. Sure enough, a bandage covered the end of his eyebrow, blood on either side and down his face. The older girl said, "A bunch of us were shagging balls and he wanted to play and he got in front of one and it hit him in the eye."

J said later that the ball hit a rock and bounced up into his face.

The cut wasn't huge but seemed to be a borderline case for stitches. Since we now live in a town with a hospital, I opted to take him there and see what they thought.

Except I didn't have his health card with me. Or the van.

So we walked all the way home, got what I needed, and drove to the hospital. The doctor decided to "glue" the wound shut rather than stitch it and an hour and a half later, we were home again.

He has an almost complete outline of the ball around his eye and I suspect it'll be black and blue tomorrow. He was pretty disappointed that the doctor didn't agree with his suggestion that he take a couple of days off school but otherwise, he seems fine.

Posted by Ripley on April 19, 2005

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