The parking lot I had so carefully scoped out was full.

Had to drive around the freakin' Square looking for the other one.

It was also full.

Parked on the street and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get a ticket.

*And* that I would be able to find the van again.

People were lined up down the stairs and out the door of the courthouse.

The number on the form I'd received in the mail was 80. I thought that was pretty good until the guy behind me in line said his was 873.

Gave my form to the lady, who glanced at it, said "[my last name], no mileage, go to the third floor, main courtroom."

Discovered that people are very chatty with complete strangers when put in a situation like this.

The court clerk gave a little spiel, then took attendance. She managed to mangle nearly every last name on the list, including mine.

The judge arrived, some unrelated court business was attended to, the accused was brought in, the charges were read, then they started drawing names/numbers.

I was in the first group of twenty.

We lined up in the order drawn and, one by one, our names/numbers/occupations were read out while the attorneys looked us over.

There were no questions asked. Decisions were made solely on appearance and occupation. I know that occupation was a factor because the crown attorney challenged everyone who'd said "farmer".

One woman had put "domestic goddess" on her form.

Many excuses were given and the judge was very lenient.

I was the second juror chosen.

Once the entire jury was selected, the rest of the pool was dismissed, we were sent to the jury room for twenty minutes, then the trial began.

It's expected to last for the rest of the week.

Posted by Ripley on April 18, 2005

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