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16.04.05  Three moons at midnight - Last night, midnight-ish, I was watching a movie by myself when I heard a weird noise outside. A few minutes later, I heard the noise again and this time, the motion-sensitive garage light came on. I went out to the... (tags: )

18.04.05  #2 - The parking lot I had so carefully scoped out was full. Had to drive around the freakin' Square looking for the other one. It was also full. Parked on the street and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get... (tags: )

19.04.05  Even I said "ow" - L & I had to attend a meeting at the school tonight about the grade 8 graduation ceremony/dance. Since Ice isn't home, I took the younger two along. It was a really nice night so we walked over. Perhaps not... (tags: )

20.04.05  The verdict is in - The trial ended today, earlier than predicted. It was interesting, educational, upsetting, and exhausting.... (tags: )

24.04.05  Sting! - Ice's boss called on Friday afternoon and offered us tickets to Saturday night's Sting concert. Got up the next morning to a snowstorm. We debated not going but we really hated to pass up the opportunity so we headed into... (tags: )

28.04.05  And she does it again - On a beautiful spring day, five years ago this month, a then three-year-old J and I decided to go for a walk to the post office. We were enjoying the weather, talking, and being silly by trying to step on... (tags: )